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Robotarium is structured with special system design. We have fully functional mechanical, electrical and software departments working together to offer our customers the most innovative and efficient process automation solutions. Each system is built and tested to ensure that all features work as intended and to minimize unpredictable problems. Our installation team continues to work by considering customer satisfaction and will not leave the workplace until the customer is satisfied.Every project carried out by the robotarium is immediately assigned a project manager. The project manager is responsible for the development of the project calendar, for the organization of work between different departments and additional suppliers participating in the project; The whole project checks the completion of the milestones, and most importantly becomes the main contact point between our company and the customer. We take pride in offering a seamless process integration process from concept to implementation to our customers. No work is too big or small, every work done by Robotarium, attention to detail and customer satisfaction is made by keeping the foreground. Contact us for free automation evaluation and offer.


ROBOTARYUM provides comprehensive automation consulting services to the customers. Consultancy services;

• Project Management
• Automation System Analyze
• Budget Analyze
• Advice of Capital Equipment
• Cycle Time Analyze of the Production
• Process Optimization
• System renovation and complete robot solutions provide customers with free automation controls.

During this audit, an automation expert reviews the current production process, identifies and evaluates potential process improvement opportunities, and enables the customer to examine the findings in depth.


Programming of the axis movements in robot systems is associated with the structure of the work. It is necessary to communicate with many equipment and controllers. Special simulation programs are used mostly in processes such as "machining and hole drilling". Besides, the robot can be programmed manually by moving the axes separately without exceeding the safety limits.

 In addition to robot programming, we control the whole system safely, error records, data exchanges and many other equipments by means of the established automation system.

Design & Simulation

Due to the increasing cost prices in today's production conditions, the designed product is not re-made and if not, there is no such situation. Therefore;

• High Efficiency
• Long Lasting
• Ergonomic
• Comply with occupational safety rules
• Material selection for the system

design processes are carried out taking into consideration such criteria.

Thanks to the simulation modeling, our existing system will be able to work in reality, to comply with the production principles, to report the system performances. Thanks to the simulation program that we use (FANUC Roboguide), the 3D parts can be imported by computer, by playing through the large library the size of the part used allows the system to be controlled in a different way.

How We Work

The most important part of a project is the part where the foundations of the project are laid and carried out in a virtual manner by testing with all the analyzes without doing the project. By analyzing the necessary software, we increase the margin of error to zero and maximize customer satisfaction.

Together with our experienced designers and analysis programs, we are able to meet all the needs of industries such as gas welding fixture, spot welding flares, stations, jigs, tool and retaining apparatus, high temperature products, strong constructions passing through static tests, conveyors, fast carriers.

In the last 10 years in the industry, which is the most widespread subject of software and mechanics to use the maximum efficiency in automation issues with our advanced experience in any subject you can support. At the same time, we can provide all kinds of support with the dealerships of our system partners for the appropriate price and supply of the appropriate term products.

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