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About Us

Who We Are?

We are the company that will bring your factory to the future technology Together with our team that we have formed a dynamic team spirit with both experienced and young people, we are bringing you new technologies and we are saving you from many problems with the professionalism of project management.

Since 2014, we have realized projects in the main industry and sub-industry in many different sectors. At the same time, we have provided different technologies to the industry of the country with our own specific flags.

Together with our partners, we can bring solutions to many different problems in your business as a single company.

  • Know How
  • Our Differance
  • Our Goal

Know How

Together with our company's facilities and partners, we provide services in many areas to produce the right one for your business or to solve your problems. Robotic welding stations, Robot plasma, laser or water cutting stations, Robotic production and packaging lines, Robotized polishing and deburring stations, Line production systems, Custom Automation and Machine Solutions, Managed Software Solutions, Press and Hydraulic Systems, . We provide turnkey delivery to customers.


Our Differance

Our ability to develop solutions with our advanced experience is very high. In addition, we have the power to make projects in more than one field with our own structure or with our partners. We have multi-disciplinary engineering skills to implement projects. Since we make the logic of corporate work into the tradition of the company, we work systematically, not individual. We have business ethics to stand behind a given promise.


Our Goal

To increase our business agreements by 15% compared to 2018.

Adding a new product to our products in 2019 by 2019.

Developing a project in a sector where we have not worked before.

To make more than 30% improvement in at least two of our projects.

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